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Netgear Media Storage Router WNDR4700

Netgear  Media Storage Router WNDR4700
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Цена: $345.00
Артикул: WNDR4700
Производитель: Netgear

Лидер среди производителей wi-fi маршрутизаторов с максимальной производительностью, компания NETGEAR, выпустила в свет совершенно новое устройство, Media Storage Router WNDR4700, совмещающее в себе непревзойдённую скорость NETGEAR WNDR4500 и сетевое хранилище.


checkmark gray - smallerSimultaneous Dual Band 450+450—Concurrent 802.11n dual band 2.4 and 5 GHz, 450 Mbps on each  
          frequency, with combined speed up to 900 Mbps† for streaming HD and 3DHD videos, simultaneous 
          downloads, and online gaming 

checkmark gray - smallerUltimate Range—Improved for larger homes 

checkmark gray - smallerReadySHARE® Vault—Automated continuous/scheduled backup for your PCs, Mac computers, iPads, 
          tablets, and other devices on your home network 

checkmark gray - smallerTime Machine® compatible—Automatic backup for Mac computers 

checkmark gray - smallerIntegrated hard drive for storage—Customer upgradable internal high performance 2 TB SATA hard drive 

checkmark gray - smallerReadySHARE® Cloud—Access and share files on the integrated or attached USB hard drive anywhere 
          you have an Internet Connection 

checkmark gray - smallerMedia server—Stream stored media files to DLNA® media player like game consoles, TVs, and 
          networked media players 

checkmark gray - smallerReadySHARE® USB—Wirelessly access and share USB hard drives with your Mac® computer or PC 

checkmark gray - smallerReadySHARE® Printer—Wirelessly access and share a USB printer from your Mac® computer or PC to a 
          connected USB printer 

checkmark gray - smallerEasy installation—Simple browser-based setup for iPads®, PC, MAC® computers, smart phones and 
          tablets. No CD required 

checkmark gray - smallerBusiness-class WiFi security and firewall—High-level wireless security for the home: Stateful packet 
          nspection (SPI), intrusion logging and reporting, denial-of-service (DoS) protection. 

checkmark gray - smallerNETGEAR Genie®—Easy dashboard to monitor, control & repair home networks 

checkmark gray - smallerFour (4) Gigabit Wired Ports—Ideal for HD gaming and video and fast data transfers for USB 3.0 external 
          hard drives 

checkmark gray - smallerFine-tuned antennas—Optimized for best wireless range 

checkmark gray - smallerLive Parental Controls—Keeps your Internet experience safe using centralized, fliexible and 
          customizable  filter settings for your connected devices 

checkmark gray - smallerGuest Network Access—Separate and secure access for guests using the WiFi network 

checkmark gray - smallerPush ‘N’ Connect®— Secure push button WiFi connections with Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) 

checkmark gray - smallerWIFI and Power On/Off—Convenient power savings 

checkmark gray - smallerBroadband usage meter—Measures Internet usage to help manage costs
The NETGEAR Media Storage Router


The NETGEAR Media Storage Router
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