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Extreme Summit X460-48X

Extreme Summit X460-48X
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Производитель: Extreme Networks

Extreme Summit X460-48X

48 100/1000BASE-X unpopulated SFP, XGM3 slot, Stacking module slot, AC PSU with one unpopulated PSU slot, Fan module, ExtremeXOS Edge license


Technical Specs

High Performance Switching and Routing

Summit X460 switches are available in six different port configuration options: 28-port Gigabit Ethernet (Summit X460-24t/24p/24x), 48-port fiber Gigabit Ethernet (Summit X460-48x), or 52-port Gigabit Ethernet (Summit X460-48t/48p). All ports run at non-blocking, wire-speed performance and can carry wire-rate traffic to the option slots, which allows flexible configuration. Option slot A supports a two-port 10 GbE Module (XGM3-2sf). For SummitStack stacking ports, a two-port SummitStack module or two-port SummitStack-V80 module can be installed in option slot B. Summit X460 switches also support SummitStack-V which offers stacking over the dual 10 GbE interfaces using less expensive cabling and providing longer stacking distances.

Flexible Port Configuration

Summit X460 offers very flexible port configurations. Summit X460-24t/24p provides 20 Gigabit Ethernet copper ports (PoE-plus or non-PoE) with four dedicated Gigabit Ethernet fiber ports and four shared Gigabit Ethernet fiber ports for up to 8 fiber Gigabit Ethernet ports. If higher density copper ports are required, the switch can provide up to 24 Gigabit Ethernet copper ports while still providing 4 Gigabit Ethernet fiber ports. Through the two option slots, Summit X460 switches can be equipped with an additional two 10 Gigabit Ethernet and/or SummitStack stacking ports.

Intelligent Switching and MPLS/H-VPLS Support

Summit X460 supports sophisticated and intelligent Layer 2 switching, as well as Layer 3 IPv4/IPv6 routing including policy-based switching/routing, Provider Bridges, bidirectional ingress and egress Access Control Lists, and bandwidth control both for ingress and egress. To provide scalable network architectures used mainly for Carrier Ethernet network deployment, Summit X460 supports MPLS LSP-based Layer 3 forwarding and Hierarchical VPLS (H-VPLS) for transparent LAN services. With H-VPLS, transparent Layer 3 networks can be extended throughout the Layer 3 network cloud by using a VPLS tunnel between the regional transparent LAN services typically built by Provider Bridges (IEEE 802.1ad) technology.

Campus Network BlackDiamond 8810 Access Layer Top of the Rack Summit X460

Network Core Summit X460

Network Core Summit x460 Application and Devices

IP Services, Carrier Ethernet Transport, MPLS, Subscriber Access, Metro, WAN Core, Summit x460

48 100/1000BASE-X unpopulated SFP, XGM3 slot, Stacking module slot, AC PSU with one unpopulated PSU slot, Fan module, ExtremeXOS Edge license

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